Sprint rebadges LG LX550 as the Fusic

Sprint rebadges LG LX550 as the Fusic


It may not be the prettiest handset on the block, but its list of features certainly keeps up with the best of them. Sprint has just announced that they will be picking up the LX550 from LG Electronics of Korea, but they’re renaming the clamshell as the “Fusic.” The EV-DO mobile phone will meet your data needs without a hitch, and the 1.3 megapixel camera is adequate for a cameraphone.

The external media controls (clearly reminiscent of a certain player from a produce-named company) give away the music-centric focus of this phone. Yes, you will be able to enjoy your MP3s in full stereo thanks to support for A2DP Bluetooth, as well as catch up with the deejays on your local FM radio stations. And get this: it even comes with an integrated low power FM transmitter!

Other features include a microSD expansion slot (comes bundled with a 64MB card), internal and external color LCDs, and changeable faceplates. Sign up for a two-year contract and get the LG Fusic for $180.