Sanyo Xacti S60 makes point-and-shooting even easier

Sanyo Xacti S60 makes point-and-shooting even easier


If you’ve got the bankroll and the expertise to fully deploy a 20MP+ Hasselblad digital camera, then go ahead and do it. But for the rest of us who just want an easy to use point-and-shoot camera with a decent feature set, there is a new offering from Sanyo known as the Xacti S60. They’re calling it “high performance”, but the 6-megapixel shooter is ergonomically designed with the average consumer in mind.

The large-ish 2.5-inch TFT LCD is adequately sized to preview and review your shots, and you’ll be able to get pretty close to the action (without actually getting close to the action) with the 3x optical zoom lens. There’s no fumbling with too many manual settings to ensure the perfect picture, thanks to Sanyo’s “Touch Sensor Shutter Button.” This innovation allows for both 9-point auto focus and auto exposure. You can even select a central AF point on the LCD display if you don’t want the Xacti S60 to do the work for you.

Other features include voice recording, Super Macro Mode, and a series of filters. The Sanyo Xacti S60 digital camera should be on sale before the end of the month for about $200.