Eschew wires with MVIX media HDD enclosure

Eschew wires with MVIX media HDD enclosure


Mmm. multimedia. Mmm. wireless. What else could you possibly ask for? Unicorn Information System recently unveiled a media hard drive enclosure that comes packed with Wi-Fi interfacing capabilities. What this means is that you can hook up this bad boy to your huge home theatre in the living room, and send files via 802.11g from your PC in the other room. No messing with wires (although they also offer the wired LAN option, as well), and no moving the unit back and forth.

While DivX-playing DVD players are plentiful these days – with options coming from Philips, LG, and now even Sony – but I would say storing all your multimedia needs on a hard drive is just so much sweeter. Also, while several of the aforementioned DivX players may have trouble with certain codecs, it doesn’t appear to be a problem with the MVIX that will tackle everything from MPEG 1/2/4 and WMV 9 to the more elusive ASF, TP, VOB and ISO. That’s right, no wasting time with re-encoding.

In addition, the MVIX will also handle resolutions up to 1080i, play back a variety of audio files (including OGG, PCM, and AC3), and support 5.1 channel sound. Look for this wonderful device to hit American shelves some time this summer. No pricing information available at this time.