Are gadgets threatening the security of your company?

Are gadgets threatening the security of your company?


Gadgets that designed to save time and add to the productivity and profitability of a company could be instead creating a real problem.

According to the DeviceWall Security Attitudes Survey from Centennial Software, 70% of workers now plug in a portable device like a USB drive, MP3 player, or PDA on a daily basis and 88% do it at least once a week. The problem is that those devices are beyond the control of companies, opening them to the possibilities of viruses and the threat of data theft.

The most common device that was used was a USB drive, used by 38% of the people. It provides the largest problem. 40% of respondents thought that their companies had no measures to manage the security threats posed by devices, and half of the companies which did have policies didn’t enforce them. With USB drives now available in massive capacities, a disgruntled employee could download the entire contents of their hard drive and no one would ever know.