Verizon announces Motorola Q price

Verizon announces Motorola Q price


Yes, they’re finally telling us that the “weight” is over for the world’s slimmest smartphone. We’ve known about the Motorola Q for what seems like eons now, and then we finally caught a glimpse of it with Verizon branding. Now they’ve dropped the all important pricing information on the world. The Motorola Q will retail for $199, given that you’re willing to lock yourself down to Verizon for two years.

You already know about the host of features this thing will come with, including Bluetooth 1.2 and stereo speakers, but of course it is the EV-DO hyper-fast data transfer that’s sparking the most interest out of you, right? Well, in addition to the cost of a regular voice plan, you’ll need to pay out of your you-know-what for EV-DO, because the data plans run between $80 and $170 each month.

The Motorola Q will be available for online pre-orders starting May 31, with in-store purchases becoming available on June 5th.