Sony DVP-FX810 takes DVD watching on the go

Sony DVP-FX810 takes DVD watching on the go


Until the prices for adequately equipped personal media players (PMPs) take a substantial drop, portable DVD players will still have a spot in the marketplace because they are just so much cheaper. That and they are rather convenient for those of us who love heading out each Tuesday to collect the latest DVDs. For “entertainment on the go”, Sony will soon be offering the DVP-FX810 portable DVD walkman.

The unique swivel design allows the 8-inch, high resolution, widescreen display to be rotated up to 180 degrees (as you can see in the picture, it doesn’t have to have the typical laptop computer orientation) for optimal viewing. The anti-shock technology makes watching on a bumpy road the least of your worries.

Unlike so many other players on the market, the DVP-FX810 will actually be able to survive the latest Peter Jackson epic (or maybe even two) thanks to the six hours of life you get from a single charge, but you can also draw power from the provided car or AC adapters as well. No word on pricing or availability.