Reigncom G10 has 6GB storage, plays games, watches movies

Reigncom G10 has 6GB storage, plays games, watches movies


Video gaming is a huge industry, raking in more bucks each year than all those Hollywood blockbusters, so it’s clear that they’re doing something right. A big driving force behind this growth is the ability to play some hot games on a portable machine, but don’t think that you’re restricted to only the offerings from the big N and S. Au contraire, mon frere, because Reigncom, parent company to iRiver, has the G10, which comes with features that go beyond “just” gaming.

For starters, this “portable game device” has love for wireless internet, with compatibility for both WiBro (wireless broadband) and Wi-Fi. The large 4-inch WVGA (800×480) TFT LCD looks crisp and clear for not only the handful of games you’ll be able to enjoy, but also the MPEG4, H.264, WMV9, and DivX movies you’ll be watching as well. Audio junkies can get their fix from the MP3, WMA, and AC3 support. With 6 gigabytes of NAND flash on board, you’ll have lots of space to toy with, but there is also a miniSD card slot for more storage should you desire.

Uploads and downloads can also take place via the USB 1.1/2.0 connector. Optional accessories include a DMB TV module and a navigation (GPS) pack.