Nike and Apple team up on Nike+iPod Sport kit

Nike and Apple team up on Nike+iPod Sport kit


The iPod is so hot these days that everyone wants a piece of it. Even mega-corp Nike, the marketing superstars, are teaming up with Apple to sell more product.

The first result of the collaboration is the Nike+iPod Sport kit. It consists of a small disc which you slide into your running shoe and a sensor which attaches to your iPod Nano. As you run the sensor collects data like distance run and time and relays them to you through your headphones via a nav system-like voice over. You will also be able to buy training and inspirational mixes from the Nike Sport Music section of iTunes which will come complete with advice from Lance Armstrong and marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe. A software update for the Nano will customize your menus to let you plan your workouts. You can view the data throughout the workout, then load it onto to track them afterwards.

The kit will only cost $29, but the philosophy behind that price is the same behind drug dealers giving kids drugs for free. Once you’re hooked, the companies will happily sell you special shoes to accommodate the sensor, clothes to stylishly hold your Nano and tunes and software via iTunes.

The kit will be available within 2 months, as will the first pair of shoes. Six more shoe styles will hit the stores in the fall.