Memorex goes all in with five new iPod speaker systems

Memorex goes all in with five new iPod speaker systems


It’s been a while since I’ve written about a new speaker system designed for the popular Apple music player (okay, maybe not that long), so it’s a welcome change to see the new
series from Memorex.

Named the iListen, iMove, iWake, these Memorex creations come with support for a wide range of iPods, from the older-school iPod Mini and Photo right up to the current Nano and Video.

The iListen (Memorex Mi1006) system is for the home, you can sit it on your desk, table or even purchase the wall-mount kit to make your ipod a work of art. It features 12W power output at 1% THD, with Digital AM/FM tuner with station presets and SRS WOW technology sound enhancement.

Now you can’t be stuck at home all the time, this is why we have the iMove (Memorex Mi3005 and Mi3005-BLK). Take your iPod beats with you, powered by 8 D sized batteries. It has the same features as the iListen, except a bit more distortation at 2.5% THD.

The iWake (Memorex Mi4004 and Mi4004-BLK) is perfect to start your day off, it has all your iGoodness of features, but with an added alarm with snooze function. Clock backup runs on 2 AAA batteries.

All units have the ability to recharge your iPod while it’s docked, they should be available soon from Target for an undetermined price.