KDDI to get Toshiba W44T musicphone

KDDI to get Toshiba W44T musicphone


Another day, another musicphone that we here in North America can drool over but never receive (short of some grey market means). The good people of Japan will soon be able to walk into their local KDDI dealer and pick up the W44T clamshell by Toshiba. Not to be confused with l33t, this internal antenna’d flip phone seems to have a swivelling top, allowing for the large “inner” 2.6-inch color display to be shown on the outside.

The W44T handset packs in a 3.2 megapixel camera for some rather high-res pics. In addition to USB, there is also IR and Bluetooth support on board. Of course, being a “musicphone”, the W44T can throw out the tunes, though you’ll need to throw in a miniSD card (up to 1GB) to do so.

An Office file viewer, FM tuner, and 19 hours of music playing battery life round out the features on this 139 gram mobile phone.