Casio G’zOne W42CA is rugged, feature-full


    The Wu-Tang Clan may not be together as a group anymore, with all of the artists having embarked on solo careers for some time now, but that hasn’t stopped Casio from resurrecting the use of the letter “Z” to sound cool (remember RZA and GZA?). The G’zOne W42CA from Casio is one rugged-looking phone, and it comes with a nice set of features.

    With a “futuristic look and feel to it”, this “ready for anything” clamshell packs an auto-focusing 2 megapixel camera, CDMA 1X WIN high speed data compatibility, and multimedia playback. In fact, it works perfectly with Japan’s Listen Mobile Service (LISMO). You’ll find 50MB of internal memory, and the ability to add more storage space via microSD cards. If you happen to lose your way, the G’zOne even comes with “map-loading facilities to get driving directions.”

    To add even more flavour to it, the G’zOne W42CA will be available in Volcano Orange, Glacier White, and Manaus Green.