Another Hi-Fi speaker set for the iPod

Another Hi-Fi speaker set for the iPod


As with just about every other accessory out there for the glossy white music player, Apple isn’t the only Hi-Fi speaker set in town, not by a long shot. A little-known company called Scandyna has unveiled what they’re simply calling “The dock”, a high fidelity speaker system designed specifically for Steve Jobs’ portable entertainment machine.

What’s great about this compact unit is that it doesn’t discriminate. Whether you have the latest 4GB nano, the hip Video, or an old school pre-click wheel unit, the dock will, well, allow you to dock just about anything. In fact, the system comes packaged with no fewer than eight inserts to ensure that every generation of iPod is included in the fun.

The speakers are 15 watts each, with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz +/- 1.0dB. They’ve thrown in some protection as well against short circuits, over current, and over temperature.