Helio using celebrities for competitive edge

Helio using celebrities for competitive edge


Remember hearing about the upstart woes of a new MVNO named Helio? Well, they’re hoping that they can make use of some celebrity power to get them past that hump and into becoming a highly profitable venture. In an attempt to promote Helio, a joint venture between SK Telecom and Earthlink, the company has provided a number of Hollywood stars with the cool handsets. In fact, they recently handed a Pantech Hero over to Scientologist and star of Mission Impossible III Tom Cruise.

While Catherine Zeta Jones may be an official spokesperson for T-Mobile, Tom Cruise has (and will likely never) sign on to be a “contracted ad model” for Helio, and as such, they cannot “use [his likeness] for promotion”, according to Yeajin Janice Hong, Assistant Manager of SKT’s advertising team. Nonetheless, they’re hoping that just having people see Tom Cruise use a Helio phone is enough for provide an “indescribable” impact.

Helio phones have also been given to movie director Steven Spielberg and LGPA golfer Pearl Siin.