Glocom Neofree offers battery power on the go

Glocom Neofree offers battery power on the go


For those of you who love to travel, but find the long flights or waits at the airport to be incredibly boring, there’s a good chance that you carry around some sort of portable electronic device to entertain yourself through the doldrums. Unfortunately, don’t you find that a short battery life can quickly rob you of that enjoyment? Fear not, my gadget-loving brethren, because Glocom is set to release a portable battery charger that they call “Neofree”, presumably because it’s a new (neo) way to set you free?

Basically, it’s an extra battery pack that you can carry with you on your travels that can then recharge your portable electronics, including MP3 players, PDAs and cell phones.

After six hours of charging up the Neofree back at home base, they say that it can run “for about 15-20 days”. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t refer to continuous power time, because they also mention that it will provide about 8 hours of extra juice to a video-watching PSP or PMP. In any case, it stores up 4400mAh of power, so you can do the math for yourself.