Dopod StrTrk S300 – slim clamshell Trekkie phone

Dopod StrTrk S300 – slim clamshell Trekkie phone


Star Trek geeks can rejoice, because there is yet another new phone to feed your fetish. It’s called the StrTrk S300 and Dopod International claims that it is the ‘slimmest and lightest deluxe clamshell smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0’. It is just 15.8 inches thick and weighs 99 grams.

The phone has a 3-D animated interface which can be operated in English or traditional Chinese. It has a 2.2 inch TFT LCD main screen, and an external 1.2 inch screen. The phone gives you options for playing MP3s – either Windows Media Player 10 Mobile or Dopod’s own MP3 player. There are 64MB of onboard flash, or a microSD slot.

The StrTrk is a quad-band GSM with EDGE/GPRS connectivity and Bluetooth. It has a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera. Maybe I don’t watch enough Star Trek (thankfully), but it isn’t clear to me what makes it a Star Trek phone. It won’t matter for most of us, though, since it will only be available in Singapore, Malysia, Thailand and Indonesia for now.