Micron takes CMOS up to 8 megapixels

Micron takes CMOS up to 8 megapixels


It might not sound like a heart-stopping news tidbit when I mention an 8 megapixel camera these days, but Micron Technology certainly is innovating the industry with this announcement because it is the first time that a company has produced an 8 megapixel CMOS image sensor.

You see, CCD sensors are all the rage in the marketplace currently because of their superior image quality, but they’re saying that CMOS – as the technology continues to improve – has the potential to produce pictures of equal, if not better quality, in addition to have a few other advantages. For one, CMOS sensors are typically cheaper to produce than CCD sensors, and are able to capture pictures at a faster rate. In burst mode, Micron’s new 8MP CMOS sensor can grab ten 8-megapixel images per second, and up to thirty shots per second 2-megapixel.

They will start the general customer sampling phase some time this fall, with mass production expected to commence in the spring. Pricing will be determined at a later date.