FCC approves Nokia BH-300 BT headset

FCC approves Nokia BH-300 BT headset


Another Bluetooth headset has finished making its rounds over at the FCC and has successfully graduated with a big fat stamp of approval. Yes, you should soon have another option for your handsfree chatting needs, because the simply designed Nokia BH-300 has been given the go ahead by some guys wearing suits.

As far as features go, the BH-300 has pretty well your standard-issue goodies. I’m not sure if this will provide any customization, per se, but they are reporting user-changeable ear loops. In all likelihood, it’s just so you can switch them out when you start to see a little too much earwax and get all grossed out.

I do like how they’ve kept the weight down to a barely noticeable 10 grams, as well as decent battery life, with 150 hours of standby and 5.5 hours of talk time. No word on dates, but experts are predicting a $65-ish price tag.