Apple products not priced equally around the world

Apple products not priced equally around the world


It should come as little surprise that electronics are priced a little differently depending on where you’re living, because of various logistics issues (shipping costs, for example) and taxes, levies, and surcharges.

That’s why while you can buy an iPod Nano for $249 in the United States (through legitimate means, let’s not bring grey-market warez into the picture), it will cost you a touch more in London ($286), Shanghai ($299), and Moscow ($299). However, the one country that seems to gouge its gadget lovers the most is Argentina.

If you happen to be a resident of Buenos Aires and are itching for the super slim music player from Stevie Jobs and friends, you will have to put out an absolutely outrageous $592. The same trend seems to be true with laptop computers as well, because picking up an iBook in the Big Apple can be had for just under four digits before taxes ($999), whereas the same unit in Argentina goes for $1480.