Vodafone KK is now Softbank Mobile Corp

Vodafone KK is now Softbank Mobile Corp


This probably won’t concern too many of us – directly anyways – but we just received word that Vodafone KK will soon be renamed Softbank Mobile Corporation following the latter’s purchase of the former last month for about $15 billion USD.

What this means is that if you’re in the market for importing some JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) goodness, soon you won’t be coming by Vodafone-branded handsets anymore because they will be become clad with Softbank logos instead. No biggie, I know.

The change isn’t happening overnight, however. They’re taking between now and October 1st for the transition, allowing the 1856 Vodafone shops and such in Japan to undergo the necessary changes. Interestingly, Softbank is still going to work with Vodafone – on a 50:50 basis – to develop handsets and content.