Phones with the highest radiation levels revelead

Phones with the highest radiation levels revelead


There are some lists manufacturers love to be on, like the most popular or best selling. But a list of phones with the highest levels of radiation emissions is probably not going to make them smile. Regardless, consumers need to know, so here is the data.

The following list was compiled by calculating the SAR, or Specific Absorption Rate, of the phones. The SAR measures the quantity of radiofrequency energy that is absorbed by the body. The higher the SAR, which is measured in Watts/Kilogram, the higher the ability of the phone to cause cell damage. The one thing that jumps out when you look at the list is the dominance of Motorola. The company likely isn’t thrilled that they have secured the top 9 spots on the list of eleven phones. But it could account for why they have the best reception.

Here are the top phones, followed by the SAR:

1) Motorola Slvr L6 – 1.58
2) Motorola V120c – 1.55
2) Motorola V265 – 1.55
4) Motorola V70 – 1.54
5) Motorola C290 – 1.53
5) Motorola P8767 – 1.53
5) Motorola ST7868 – 1.53
5) Motorola ST7868W – 1.53
9) Motorola A845 – 1.51
9) Palm Treo 650 GSM – 1.51
9) Panasonic Allure – 1.51