Mitsubishi i has port specifically for iPod nano

Mitsubishi i has port specifically for iPod nano


Ok, so finding an automobile that comes with an iPod-ready stereo is one thing, but it seems like the people over at Mitsubishi have taken their love for Steve Jobs and his tiny music-playing wonder to a whole new level, because the “Play” edition of the company’s i (eye) Car has a dash-based slot made specifically for the “please don’t get scratched again” iPod nano.

Engadget is calling this automobile “one of the most expensive and biggest iPod cases we’ve ever seen”, but where else can you find a scratch-protector for the nano that comes with seating for four, a 0.66L DOHC engine, and plenty of cargo space to shake a stick at. Let’s just hope that the slot they provide for the nano doesn’t come with any protrusions or sharp objects, because the last thing you’d want a case to feature is the opportunity for even more scratches and blemishes than you started with.

The Play Edition Mitsubishi’s i (eye) should be available now (or soon) for about $15,000, but probably never here in North America.