LG unveils Bluetooth speakerphone

LG unveils Bluetooth speakerphone


Bluetooth headsets may be a dime a dozen these days, with everyone and their mother coming out with some new design or the ability to go up to three feet underwater while maintaining a conversation, but this is the first time that I’ve seen a Bluetooth speakerphone. Leave it up to our Korean friends to come up with more innovative goodies.

The HFB-300 by LG is a Bluetooth speakerphone unit that seems to be designed for a truly handsfree (and ear-hanging free) conversation, which works quite well when you want to keep things wireless while including other people in on the talk as well. They’re saying that this device has the “longest standby time” (compared to what?) and that it is “easy to use any place.”

Not much else is known, though we can see that it has volume controls, a mic, and a speaker. Of course, no pricing or availability info has been released yet either.