InvenSense develops gyroscopic stabilizer for cameraphones

InvenSense develops gyroscopic stabilizer for cameraphones


Since most of the VGA cameras on entry-level handsets are next to useless, megapixel cameras are slowly but surely making their way onto mobile phones, even here in North America, and as a result, we need to make sure those snapshots actually turn out all right.

The good people over at InvenSense – based out of San Jose – have developed the IDG-1000, a single-chip silicon device that makes use of dual-axis gyroscopic technology for the image stabilization needs. Shaky hands rejoice! Of course, this chip based on MEMS technology is nothing new, but it is five times smaller than most of the other solutions on the market.

The Canon IXUS 800is released today features anti-shake capabilities, similar to what camera phones sporting the InvenSense IDG-1000 gyroscopic stabilizer will do.

They say that we should expect these new chips to be shoved into LG and Samsung cameraphones sometime this fall.