Got shaky hands? Get the Canon IXUS 800is

Got shaky hands? Get the Canon IXUS 800is


One the biggest problems I have when it comes to taking nice quality digital pictures is that I have a hard time keeping my hands steady. When it comes to taking snapshots in low lighting conditions, I hate having to resort to using flash because it tends to distort the colours and provide awkward results, but at the same time, I don’t want to carry around a tripod with me every time I feel the urge to take a night shot.

Enter the Canon IXUS 800is, seemingly perfect for people like me because it comes with an “optical image stabilization function for anti-shake capabilities.” Of course, this isn’t the first ‘steadying your shots for you’ type of technology found in cameras, but it certainly is nice when cameras include it. This mid-range picture taker features a sleek metal body, your standard set of Canon controls, and a 4x optical zoom lens. And you can be sure that the pictures will be of fairly good resolution too, given the 6 megapixel CCD imaging sensor.

No word on pricing or availability.