Crack the mystery: Play the Da Vinci Code 3D

Crack the mystery: Play the Da Vinci Code 3D


One the most highly anticipated movies this summer is the Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks. It’s already started stirring up some controversy over its fictional content among the Catholic community (mainly due to the confusion by the masses not knowing the truth), but word is that the movie – in and of itself – isn’t even that great. Well, for another means of entertaining and intriguing yourself, you can now enjoy the Da Vinci Code 3D game for your mobile phone.

This SouthEnd-developed mobile adventure is supposed to be completely violence free, so you won’t get the typical machine-gun wielding survival title. In fact, they say there is no action whatsoever. Rather, you go about exploring, investigating, and doing some “implied cat ‘n mouse games.” It is “a simple examination quest, where you must find things such as keys or blacklights by searching the rooms.”

The pace is tortoise-like slow, and they’ve kept the dialogue to a minimum. As a result, it may be a bit of a bore for those looking for a thrill. Maybe you should just read the book.