B&B cranks out 350hp on Audi A4 convertible

B&B cranks out 350hp on Audi A4 convertible


Who would have known that when Austin Powers said “Yeah baby, I am one sexy beast” that he could have been referring to this drop-top, German-engineered beauty of a vehicle. I kid, of course, but this convertible A4 is quite the looker, not so much as a hardcore racer, but more as a juiced-up highway cruiser.

The crew over at B&B picked up a stock 2.0L Audi A4, and as nice as it is when it rolls off factory lines, they said that it just wasn’t good enough. So, they put together a “performance tuning kit” and increased the herd under the hood to an incredible 350 horses. This allowed the car to rocket from a standstill to 60mph in a mere 5.4 seconds.

All go and no show would probably be a little boring to a lot of people, so the B&B team also outfitted the A4 with a more aggressive front bumper, a set of sideskirts, and intakes.