Report: 2010 will look like 2006 with more technology

Report: 2010 will look like 2006 with more technology


I’ve got some bad news for you. According to a report called Eye to the Future by Deloitte, the world isn’t going to be a significantly different place in 2010 than it is now.

No teleporting to vacation spots for the afternoon. No simple capsules which contain all of our nutrients. Not even any robot servants. Technology will just continue to play a bigger role in more of our life than it does now. How disappointing.

Among their prognostications, Deloitte suggests that technology will blur work place boundaries both socially and geographically. In other words, like it is now, only more so. Other stunningly obvious conclusions include the suggestion that e-mail will grow in popularity, but that voice communication will still dominate. Technology like digital whiteboards and extranets for parents will invade the schools. Television will be the dominant form of entertainment. Safety in transportation will be a focus. No word from Deloitte on this, but I also suspect that we will be breathing oxygen and that the sky will still be blue.