Michelin Tweel in action

Michelin Tweel in action


With gas prices the way that they are, everyone is always looking for ways to improve their fuel economy. It has been proven that a drop in even a couple of PSI from your tires can have incredibly adverse effects on your wallet, but what if you could get a tire that doesn’t ever need to be refilled with air? What if you could roll over rough terrain and fat nails and never concern yourself about getting a flat?

Well, the Michelin Tweel (Tire – Wheel combination) was first unveiled last year at the Detroit Auto Show, but it is now in production and available for purchase. While the “revolutionary design” may be a little off-putting at first, it doesn’t take much to appreciate what it can be capable of. The tiremaker has even released a video showcasing different applications for the Tweel, including for industrial machines and for iBOT mobility systems (specialized wheelchairs that can climb stairs and travel over uneven terrain).

Michelin is continually developing new innovations, and the Tweel is sure to be receiving an upgrade or two as the years go by.