iPattern watch cuts time in half

iPattern watch cuts time in half


Leave it up to our counterparts in the land of the rising sun to come up with a new way to tell time. Not content with the standard 12 on top, 6 on the bottom orientation, TokyoFlash is now carrying the iPattern wristwatch, which literally splits your time in half.

The top half of the watch tells you the hour, whereas the bottom half is dedicated to showing off the minutes. It will certainly take a fair amount of getting used to, but if you want to be unique, this piece will do it.

For the day of the week, you will turn to the written characters (MO, TU, etc.) that curve around the 30mm LCD display. To take the uniqueness one step further, the strap is not adjustable and is rather made of flexible solid plastic, for a maximum wrist size of 18cm).

Available in black or white, and your choice of a red or dark blue LCD, the iPattern is available now through TokyoFlash for just over fifty bucks.