Inkel releases multi-capable DMB Navigator

Inkel releases multi-capable DMB Navigator


Just what we need: another Korea-only device originally unearthed by a Japanese site, that we North Americans (and you Europeans too) will never have the opportunity to hold in our hands unless we fly over to Seoul.

Thanks to the huge 5.6-inch “WideTouch” display, you will have an ample screen to enjoy a wide variety of video formats on the Inkel DMB Navigator, in addition to the opportunity to grab some digital content on the go. Speaking of on the go, as its name implies, this handy gadget also features a GPS navigation system.

Being a Korean release, you knew that Samsung was bound to be mentioned, but it’s not about a cell phone this time. Rather the electronics giant is providing a 400MHz ARM9 CPU for this thing. Other features include an SD card for expansion, and your choice of a iPod-esque white or black exterior.

The DMB-less unit retails for about $467, whereas the full meal deal will put you back an extra $127.