Bugatti working on 950hp ultra-luxury sedan

Bugatti working on 950hp ultra-luxury sedan


The Volkswagen-owned Bugatti brand has always breathed an air of exclusivity. It’s not everyday that you see these rolling through the streets of London, New York, or anywhere else in the world. The company’s currently most sought after commodity – the Veyron – fetches well north of $1 million for its 1001 horses of goodness. Well, word on the street is that Bugatti is readying a four-door ultra-luxury sedan in much the same vein, and this sporty saloon will pack 950 hp.

Like the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes CLS class, however, this will not bear any resemblance to a standard-issue grocery getter. Discarding the cookie cutter sedan look, the four-door Bugatti will opt for a “coupe-like profile”. The rest of the details are still quite sketchy at this time, but the mockup image by Michiel van den Brink sure looks appealing.

According to “extremely reliable” sources, this car should be on the road within the next four years, but you should start saving up dem doubloons now because this new model, much like the Veyron, is expecting to carry a seven-figure price tag.