Asus flocks into the marketplace with Goose cell phone

Asus flocks into the marketplace with Goose cell phone


Growing up, I never thought the game “Duck duck goose” was in reference to an upcoming mobile handset from the good people at Asus. They’ve christened their latest cell phone the “Goose” for some unexplained reason, but if you can cast the fine feathered name aside for just a moment, you’ll discover a decent set of features, but nothing that will really set it apart from the rest of the clamshells on the market.

While the 2 megapixel picture taker is better than the VGA units flooding North America, it won’t wow you. As expected, you get some decent multimedia functionality, though, including an integrated MP3 player and FM radio. There’s 64MB of internal memory, with room for expansion via microSD cards. As far as support for the latest techie things, the Asus Goose has love for Bluetooth, PictBridge, webCAM, and “Flight mode”, whatever that means.

No word on pricing or availability.