Throw on the Myvu and watch your vids in privacy

Throw on the Myvu and watch your vids in privacy


While they immediately may bring about countless jokes in reference to Geordi LaForge or Cyclops, the Myvu personal video player seems to be an excellent way of enjoying your favourite movies without sharing, or bothering, those around you. Of course, if you grab one of these anytime soon, you’re bound to elicit a couple giggles from the people around you, just as Bluetooth headsets did when they first hit the market.

While the image is incredibly close to your retina, they’re reporting that it feels like watching a 30-inch screen from a meter away. The long-term effects of viewing movies in this manner has yet to be fully studied, but hey, they say that cell phones aren’t that great for you either and that hasn’t stopped anyone yet. You get 320 x 240 resolution (4:3 aspect ratio), and an “excellent” six hours of battery life.

Don’t ask me where to pick one up, but they are reporting that the 3 AAA battery-powered Myvu personal video player is now available for purchase for $269.