Samsung SCH-B570 packs T-DMB, 8GB HDD

Samsung SCH-B570 packs T-DMB, 8GB HDD


Okay, are you ready for your daily dose of Samsung mobile phone goodness? The latest out of the South Korean electronics manufacturer is the SCH-B570, a follow-up to the hot i310 music phone, except this time around, they add T-DMB mobile television to the package. Our guess is that other than this upgrade, the features should be quite similar to the i310 musicphone predecessor.

What that means is that you still get a whooping 8 gigabytes of storage on board for all your music listening and video watching pleasure. Running on Windows Mobile 5.0, the B570 will likely feature a microSD expansion slot in case the 8GB isn’t enough for you, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, complete with the stereo A2DP profile. Other highlights include integrated dual speakers, TV-out, and a 2 megapixel camera (though this new phone might even do better than that; we can’t be sure).

If you’re itching for release date and pricing information, you’re out of luck for now. Until we get T-DMB on this side of the pond, it doesn’t really matter anyways.