Palm-sized FireLite XPress external hard drive with LCD

Palm-sized FireLite XPress external hard drive with LCD


I guess it was only a matter of time. We’ve already started to see USB flash drives with external displays, so it only makes sense that someone would come along and do the same kind of thing for higher capacity (and cheaper) external hard drives as well. This concept has dawned on the crew at SmartDisk, and thus the FireLite XPress was born, complete with an always-on LCD display.

Even when it is not plugged into your computers USB port, the FireLite XPress stores up enough juice to show you how much space it has left. No guess work or digging through your (human) memory to see if you have enough storage for that chunky PhotoShop file. Best of all, they’ve made these palm sized hard drives compatible with both Windows XP and Mac OS X.

For a little a bit of space, you can opt for the 60GB rendition for $200, but if you are a storage junkie, then you might want to look into doubling that to 120GB for $100 more.