Motorola expands rugged handheld computer line

Motorola expands rugged handheld computer line


While most people may associate the big M with sleekly designed handsets like the RAZR and the SLVR, Motorola also has its feet wet in the more rugged end of things as well. The new HC700-G is not a smartphone for the average Joe, and is rather designed for the industrial environment, allowing all those hard hat wearing workers to stay in touch with their colleagues.

Wireless connectivity won’t be an issue, as these beefy handheld computers come packed with GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. They’re calling this “one of the most convenient communication devices with full PC capabilities,” making it perfect for people who work in field sales, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, public safety, and field force automation.

Running on Windows Mobile, the HC700-G also comes with a CMOS imager with 1D and 2D barcode decoding, as well as Microsoft’s Unified Communications platform. No word on pricing or availability just yet, so check with your commercial supplier for more deets.