Jack Black as Nacho Libre agrees: touching is good

Jack Black as Nacho Libre agrees: touching is good


One of the most highly anticipated movies this summer stars Jack Black as a cook in Mexico, who in an effort to save a local orphanage, dons a mask to become Nacho, a Lucha Libre professional wrestler. Well, they’re planning a video game version of this gut-wretchingly funny flick and it will be heading to a “touching is good” Nintendo DS near you.

They were showing off the Nacho Libre video game over at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, albeit in a very early form. They say that you shouldn’t be expecting standard grappler fare from this title, as the game combines conventional wrestling with Wario Ware-style mini-games. In addition, they expect to include exaggerated proportions (big hands, big feet, etc.) during particular moves, and yes, Jack Black is lending his likeness and voice to the project.

Unfortunately, the good folks over at Majesco won’t be able to have a finished product in time for the Nacho Libre’s theatrical release and will rather coincide with its DVD debut, which will probably be sometime in November.