Donate to a good cause, buy a Red Moto SLVR

Donate to a good cause, buy a Red Moto SLVR


While we may be jealous of Koreans and Japanese on a daily basis for having all those cool gadgets and such that we will never be able to enjoy here in North America, sometimes you just need to stop and think about how lucky we really are to be living where we are, and enjoying the luxuries that we do.

Bono’s humanitarian organization Red is working hard to help out those less fortunate than ourselves with a huge focus on the anti-AIDS effort in Africa, and latest in this push is a Red Motorola SLVR for sale wherein £10 ($18 US) will be donated to The Global Fund for African AIDS programs, in addition to 5% of all call charges.

A portion of the funds collected will also go to support the fight against tuberculosis and malaria in the Dark Continent. Red has already launched a few other campaigns, collecting contributions of sales of specially created products by Gap, Converse and Armani. There is also a Red American Express.

At this time, the Red SLVR is only available in the United Kingdom.