BMW is no sleazy used car salesman

BMW is no sleazy used car salesman


Just because you can’t reach into your bank account and pull out enough funds for a brand spanking new Bimmer, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a piece of the luxurious German automotive pie. BMW recently launched an advertising campaign designed to market their Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, gearing up consumers to pick up a used car from their local dealership. The overriding theme is telling prospective buyers to “drive with your heart [and] buy with your head.”

This national television, print, radio and Internet marketing campaign was designed by Publicis New York, and is geared to show the public that a used BMW purchased through the CPO program can be reliable, affordable, and even “better than some new cars.” They say that “a Certified Pre-Owned BMW is the best vehicle for anyone who does not want to compromise on anything.” The German automaker also wants to communicate that you’ll get six years (or 100,000 miles) of warranty with the package.

Among the television spots we should be expecting over the next little while are “Inspection”, where a used car endures rigorous testing to ensure it’s up to snuff; “Dealerships”, where cookie-cutter showrooms are driven past, contrasted with a silver CPO 3 series Bimmer; and “No Brainer”, reminding us that it’s neither a right-brain nor left-brain decision to ‘drive with your heart’ and ‘buy with your head.