Apple unveils new MacBook to replace iBook

Apple unveils new MacBook to replace iBook


The rumors about the new MacBook were a week off on the launch date, but accurate in most other details. The new MacBook, unveiled by Apple today, will replace the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook.

The new MacBook is five times faster than the iBook and four times faster than the PowerBook thanks to the Core Duo processor. The MacBook will come in white at either 1.83GHz or 2.0 GHz, or in black at 2.0GHz. All choices will have a glossy 13 inch widescreen which is as much as 79% brighter than the machines it is replacing. The MacBook has many of the same features as the MacBook Pro, including a built-in iSight video camera, Front Row, Apple Remote, Sudden Motion Sensor and a scrolling TrackPad. It has built-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking, Bluetooth, and a cslot load combo drive.

Prices for the MacBook will range from $1,099 to $1,499 depending upon the chosen bells and whistles, no word yet on how easy these will scratch.