Vosonic VP8360 image tank for travelling picture takers

Vosonic VP8360 image tank for travelling picture takers


You can’t always make it back to your home computer when you’re out taking pictures and videos of everything around you. Your supplied memory cards are bound to run out of space, and that’s why you would consider picking up a Vosonic VP8360 image tank. In a nutshell, it’s a portable hard drive with a display and all that, that allows you to stash your snapshots (and other files) and clear out your memory cards.

Much like the VP8350 before it, the 3.6-inch color display allows you to review a good range of your files, including music (MP3, WMA), video (MPEG4, MOV), and pictures (a variety of RAW profiles, in addition to the standard stuff). The VP8360 sports an upgradeable 2.5-inch hard drive, with capacities as high as 120GB, as well as slots for everything from CF, SD, and MMC cards to Memory Sticks and IBM MicroDrives.

To keep yourself occupied (and to drain some battery while you’re at it), Vosonic has even bundled in a game of Tetris into the mix. No word on pricing or availability.