TeamGreen fuel sipper said to do 800 miles per gallon

TeamGreen fuel sipper said to do 800 miles per gallon


If you thought the 40mpg claims that Toyota was making about the new Yaris were impressive, wait until you see this tiny vehicle made by TeamGreen of the United Kingdom. With a lawnmower-esque 35cc engine, Andy Green and crew are saying that their tiny person-mover is capable of going 800 miles on a single gallon of gas.

A huge contributing factor to this feat is the vehicle’s weight. At a mere 126 pounds, most drivers will probably outweigh the car itself. Of course, you won’t find any of the gas guzzling options on board this funny looking thing that you’ve come to expect from a “regular” car, like air conditioning or a radio, but that’s what the open top and your iPod is for. This car took two years to build, but Andy Green managed to throw it together for only $3,689.

Give him a call (if you can find his contact information) and see if you can import one of these things over from over the pond. Of course, I can’t see this TeamGreen-mobile passing the battery of tests to make it street legal here in North America, or anywhere else for that matter.