Samsung i770 Pocket PC phone gets go ahead from FCC

Samsung i770 Pocket PC phone gets go ahead from FCC


In the ever-growing world of smartphones, Samsung has yet to capture quite the same audience as it has with megapixel cameraphones and multimedia handsets. Well, maybe they’re hoping that will change with the recent FCC approval of the Korean manufacturer’s i770 Pocket PC phone.

The triband (900/1800/1900) GSM handset also sports support for WCDMA 2100. Running on Windows Mobile, it seems that the i770 will implement EDGE (and maybe even UMTS) for data, as well as taking care of your close range wireless – and handsfree – needs with Bluetooth. There appears to be a swivelling camera on board as well. As far as text entry, the SureType or a “butterfly keyboard” seems to be in place.

Unfortunately, they’re still keeping quite hush-hush about this project, as Samsung has requested six months’ worth of confidentiality on the i770, so we’ll have to wait at least that long until we can firm up the specs and take a stab at a projected release date and price.