Palm unveils 700p smartphone with Palm OS

Palm unveils 700p smartphone with Palm OS


The Treo 700p Smartphone has been announced. It is the first Palm OS CDMA-based smartphone with EvDO capability, meaning you can get data speeds that will feel like you are on broadband. The 700p will let you take full advantage of the EvDO thanks to the built-in Dial-Up Networking capabilities. That will let you use the 700p as an EvDO modem for your laptop via Bluetooth or USB straight out of the box. The phone is also the first Palm product to feature built-in streaming application to take advantage of the EvDO capabilities.

The phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder. It has 128MB of onboard memory, 60MB of which is user-accessible. An SD memory card will complement the storage capabilities. Surfing is done through a new version of the Blazer browser. It includes Pocket Tunes for music playback. The hardware for the 700p is very similar to the 700w, which uses Windows as an OS.

The 700p will be available from Sprint and Verizon Wireless, though neither company has revealed a price yet.