Oracom presents UB-890, forgets to mention specs

Oracom presents UB-890, forgets to mention specs


Don’t you hate it when this happens? A company throws a few pictures out on the internet of its latest multimedia gadget, gets us all worked up over it, and then they neglect to mention any of its technical specifications. Yup, there isn’t much known about the Oracom UB-890 digital audio player, but it does mention it’s a follow-up to the company’s UB-880.

If the predecessor is any indication, then we should be expecting this new flash based player to bump up the capacity to as high as 4 gigabytes. There is a fairly large, landscape oriented LCD on this unit as well, which is great for the video support it should have. The 880 had FM radio and voice recording as well, so we can only expect the 890 to do the same.

Other than that, your guess is as good as mine as to when (and for how much) the Oracom UB-890 will drop, but chances are that this is yet another Korea-only release anyways.