Motorola takes lead to unify mobile Java platform

Motorola takes lead to unify mobile Java platform


Motorola and other phone makers would like to see a greater unification of Java technology for the mobile industry. Under the theory that if you want something done you might as well do it yourself, Motorola has taken the lead in efforts to make the unification happen.

They will open source their Java test framework and sample test cases. The information will be available freely to operators, developers and manufacturers. They will also develop the reference implementation and compliance tests for JSRs which Motorola leads such as the MIDP 3.0 specification. The company hopes that this will create a write once, run everywhere environment which will encourage more developers to create applications for their phones because they will have access to a larger market. The move should also reduce production costs and shorten the time to market for new products.

In 1991, Motorola was the first manufacturer to bring Java-enabled handsets to the US.