GM to stop production of Hummer H1 supersized SUV

GM to stop production of Hummer H1 supersized SUV


The vehicle never really made sense for the general public, but that didn’t stop General Motors from selling the ultra-humungous Hummer H1 to the average over-compensating Joe. Well, after shipping out about 12,000 of the gas-guzzling behemoths since 1992, GM has decided to remove the Hummer H1 from its lineup. The last of these 7,800 pound monsters is scheduled to roll off company lines this June.

I never quite understood why the average suburbanite would want this beast of a truck, which, by the way, only gets you about 11 miles on the gallon, and crawls up from 0-60mph in about 13.5 seconds.

According to Hummer GM Martin Walsh, the smaller Chevy Tahoe-based H2 is “more representative of the Hummer brand than the H1.” It will be interesting to see if they decide to continue to produce the Humvee for military purposes, however, because I can’t possibly expect the Department of National Defence ordering in the minute H3 for its most treacherous missions.