G-Power bumps BMW M6 to 620hp

G-Power bumps BMW M6 to 620hp


Yeah, just go ahead and make me more jealous. Remind me that I can’t even afford a stock version of the hot vehicle. Drill it into my mind that I will probably never get my hands on anything remotely close to this.

As if a regular BMW M6 wasn’t enough, G-Power of Germany has tuned the high-powered coupe to a whooping 620 horsepower, rechristening the vehicle as the G-Power G6 (not to be confused with the Pontiac of a similar name).

Of course, all that engine power – the 620 horses peaks at 7800 rpm – is already enough to whet most whistles, but G-Power didn’t stop with just the motor. To make sure you can stop on a dime, they upgrade the rotors to 15.7-inch versions and wrapped the 21-inch rims in 11-inch-wide Michelin rubber.

The Kjerba Walknappa leather will keep you comfy, but as your rip up to the top speed of 208 mph. Keep the drool going for the 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds, and the 428 lbs-ft of torque (at 6200rpm). To top it all off, they threw on quad exhaust pipes.