Citroen C-Buggy concept seems to be missing a few things

Citroen C-Buggy concept seems to be missing a few things


Concept cars are always fun to gawk at even if you know full well that they will never make it into dealerships in their current form. One of the latest in this line of funky concepts comes from our friends over at Citroen, their new C-Buggy concept is set to be showcased at the Madrid Motor Show later this month.

With a go-anywhere attitude, the C-Buggy is based on the C-Airplay concept and has room for the driver and a single passenger. Somehow, I can imagine folks like Lindsay Lohan rolling around in one these carefree-mobiles. Interestingly, though, there seem to be a few key elements missing from this car that, as a result, make it not so viable for everyday use. There’s no roof, no windshield, and no windows, but this all seems intentional as company reps say that this “adds to the C-Buggy’s carefree charm.”

Rolling down the streets near the beaches of Miami or going off-road, this looks like it could be a blast to drive when (and if) it ever makes it market, at which point, they’ll probably throw a roof and stuff on it too. Personally, I think the car looks like it’s going backwards.