Weismann rolls out 500th Roadster

Weismann rolls out 500th Roadster


Chances are you’ve never heard of Weismann because they are quite the exclusive carmaker. In fact, each and every vehicle that rolls off the company’s lines is completely hand built, specific to the customer’s order. None of this cookie cutter stuff that you see rolling down the interstate each day. In this way, it is quite an achievement for the little manufacturer to announce that they are rolling out their 500th Roadster ever.

Weismann has been around for twelve years now and caters to quite the niche market. They’re not completely original, however, as the engine under the hood is typically a BMW model: either the inline-six or one of the V8s. Styling-wise, you can probably peg out features that may be signature elements from other automakers. Most notably, you may know Weismann vehicles breathe a little Jaguar, Morgan, or TVR in them.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, Weismann is auctioning off the 500th Roadster on their website. All proceeds from the sale will go to charity of the winner’s choice.